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China-Europe Railway (Nanning-Hanoi) Express Increases Forward To Vietnam

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China News Service, Nanning, April 12 (Reporter Jiang Xuelin) Tang Guide, deputy director of the freight forwarding office of the China National Railways Nanning Bureau Group, introduced on the 12th, Sino-European Railway (Nanning-Hanoi) cross-border container train logistics showed positive growth, Vietnam Imports of goods soared. In March, a total of 39 vehicles were operated and 3 vehicles were returned on the 6th row, 93 vehicles totaling 132 vehicles, which was 60 vehicles higher than the 72 vehicles in February.

As of April 10, 2018, the cross-boundary container trains in Hanoi (Pingxiang) in Nanning had a total of 25 columns, of which 7 were on the way, and 18 were on the return trip, of which 3 were Vietnamese containerized goods that transited China to Europe.

Li Ningxin, general manager of China Railway Containers Nanning Branch, said in an interview that after the China-Europe Railway (Nanning-Hanoi) cross-border container train line opened, the China Railway Containers Nanning Branch, which is responsible for organizing the supply of the trains, discovered that Vietnam was using Central Europe. The column is very positive. The Vietnam Railway Department has actively organized the supply of goods. This is also the key reason why the “Nanning-Hanoi” cross-border class has achieved the two-way separation.

On November 28, 2017, the first cross-border container train for the China-Europe Railway (Nanning-Hanoi) in Guangxi Shouzheng was successfully launched from Guangxi Nanning South Station. Three days later, on December 1st, the return train from Hanoi to Vietnam was from Guangxi. Pingxiang Railway Port Station entered the country smoothly.

Li Ningxin stated that “the Nanning (Pingxiang)-Hanoi” cross-border container train is an important part of the China-European trains, and it has penetrated the railroad gold channel between Vietnam and Asean countries transiting China to a third country such as Europe and has obtained the Chinese and Vietnamese governments. The department and railway departments attached great importance to the new operational map of international railway transport that was just implemented on April 10 by the China National Railway Corporation. In accordance with the new operating chart, the Nanning-Hanoi cross-border container train has been operating at regular intervals every week. According to the growth of Ban Lei in March and the current situation, the cross-border trains between China and Vietnam will continue to show rapid growth after entering April. They will soon open for the next day and will be expected to achieve daily classes in the second half of the year.

Li Ning said, “Nanning (Piaoxiang) – Hanoi”. After the cross-border container trains were opened, the “China-Vietnam+” organization model was forming the “China-Vietnam+” model. It was a collection and distribution node of South China and Vietnam as a cross-boundary class between China and Vietnam. Containers were reorganized into “Nanning-Hanoi”. The form of cross-border container trains organized by the “China-Vietnam+” class organization has been welcomed and accepted by more and more companies. It is a cooperative and win-win move.

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