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Rail Freight Reform From Rail-sea Intermodal Transportation

By April 22, 2022No Comments

First of all, in maritime transport, rail freight the play their own advantages, such as low cost, long distance, clock, energy-saving and environmental protection will be the basis of green logistics. Since the party’s 18 in a prominent position to develop green economy, General Secretary XI Jinping have stressed on many occasions on the road to development, “as well as gold and silver also guanghui”. It is understood that the railway container km fuel consumption is half of the highway, we see in the rail freight rail instead of a car, not only reduces energy cost savings. If the future of railway double layer container transport, energy-saving effect will be more pronounced, compared to the road can directly reduce logistics costs are substantial.

Secondly, the rail-sea intermodal transportation to achieve door-to-door, one-stop, fully enclosed is a way of transforming railway freight transport logistics transportation effective logistics. This logistics is also an inspiration: seamlessly with other modes of transport, to create integrated logistics and transport systems, thus avoiding losses during transportation, improve transport efficiency, reducing logistics costs. In addition, freight rail “five classes” fixed two-way transport mode, expansion of railway container transport into the international logistics platform, allowing formation of railway freight rail, Gong Tie the great transportation, logistics pattern of integration and globalization.

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