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Zhuhai Port Opening Of The First Rail-sea Intermodal Container Train

By April 22, 2022No Comments

In recent years, the Group has been actively building of Zhuhai port to Zhuhai port-centric multimodal system, all-round expansion of port cargo hinterland. First rail-sea intermodal container train to gaolan port stood as a starting point and finish at Qingyuan source TAM, upstream goods mainly coal, down ceramics-oriented goods, plans to open up and down rows and 8 columns each month, projected monthly transport 600 TEU containers. Container sea-railway combined transport train, establish port companies, shipping companies, shippers and railway companies and other multilateral cooperation, providing customers with high quality and low price and safe and efficient transport services, compared with other modes of transport, through container train transport, you can save on shipping time 1-2 days, per TEU to save logistics costs of between 50 and 100 Yuan.

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