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Railway, Shipping, Road Transport Force Focus

By April 22, 2022No Comments

According to understand, 2015, Dalian, and Tianjin, and Qingdao, and Lianyungang, and Ningbo and Shenzhen for representative of six article container iron transport model channel of container iron transport box volume reached 1.535 million standard box, than 2010 growth 68%; sea iron transport real networking application model project early now effectiveness, Dalian, and Lianyungang, and Ningbo, and Shenzhen, port has basic achieved interconnected Exchange, container iron transport development into new of development stage. Since 2016, traffic system and vigorously promote the supply side structural reform, major national multimodal transport development as a service strategy, an important measure to promote the transportation power to power changes in the transport. It can be said that everyone work together to focus on the strong will of reducing logistics cost, advancing conspiracy seamless services in national development and meet customer demand driven.

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