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Qi Power, Railway And Waterway Intermodal Efficiency

By April 22, 2022No Comments

According to voice of the national news broadcast, reported that recently, railway company in Dalian, China Ministry of transportation jointly held the “molten iron transportation” and “multimodal” push to promote rail, waterways and other modes of transport combined transport, reducing logistics costs, advancing the transportation supply side structural reform. China Railway Corporation officials say, will enhance multimodal transport in the future, strengthening of molten iron transport, further reduce the logistics cost of the whole society, said, railways, highways, waterways, civil aviation and other modes of transport has its advantages, any one is not everything, basically most of the cargo to go through at least two or more modes of transport.

And each transport way of change, are to faced with goods of again handling contains, the transport sector on this of performance quite “home the sweep front snow, MO tube others w Shang cream” of taste, only home service in place, is never has “comes” of idea, led to has the transport sector mount form of not unified, white of waste has large time and human, increased goods loss, transport cost sharply upgrade. Each is true, but not in the whole transport process to one place, rather than cancel each other out.

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