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Official Reply Of The State Council Yangtze River Delta City Group Development Plans

By April 22, 20228 Comments

Planning implementation to full implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary and central town of workshop, and central city workshop spirit, according to “five bit one” General layout and “four a full” strategy layout, firm set and implement implementation innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared of new development concept, to strengthening supply side structural reform, speed up foster new of development kinetic energy, to Shanghai construction global city for led, to build global technology innovation cluster for support, To total keep ecological security for premise, to sound inclusive shared of system mechanism for guarantees, building network, and open type, and integration development pattern, continued in system innovation, and technology progress, and industry upgrade, and urban and rural and Manpower, and full open, and green development, aspects go in national forefront, teamed up build has global influence of world level urban agglomeration, speed up formed international competition new advantage, better service Yu “area way” construction and Yangtze River economic with development strategy, full play on national economic social development of important support and led role.


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