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Lienanyagong-rail Transportation In China International Freight Trains On The Blue Grid

By April 22, 202287 Comments

“Maryland,” South Asian international freight rail intermodal train, Lanzhou municipal, which is implementing the national “along the way” strategy, creating another important initiative of the strategy of opening to the West platform, and enhancement of Lanzhou city and the provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation is one of the great things, is promoting the development of local economies in transition along a good thing. This is the Lanzhou municipal party in the open “Maryland,” Lanzhou, Lanzhou-Central Asia-Almaty train based on the Hamburg central train, after the decision of the full investigation.

7 countries with 1.56 billion people in South Asia, Nepal, and India combined population of more than 1.2 billion. December 2014 and the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on construction of the economic zone of the Silk Road, Tibet’s official opening of the port of Kuala Lumpur. January 2016 to February, the port’s export value reached 321 million Yuan, up 2.77 times compared with last year, the future market prospects. Lanzhou railway hub in Longhai, Bao-LAN, LAN, Lanqing mainly route interchange, North marshalling yard in Lanzhou is one of the top ten marshalling yards, has six even while sitting, radiation national railway hub advantage, is the gateway to South Asia must pass through railway transportation. Lanzhou international freight train opened in South Asia, will play the pivotal role in Lanzhou, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet and South Asia-related industries developed rapidly.


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