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Brand Central Train Railway International Multimodal Transport Of Goods

By April 22, 2022No Comments

In 2011, the first column after the opening of the central train, people’s life has changed. At home, major supermarkets and shopping malls are a lot more “foreign” thing, a wide variety of shelves filled with Europe’s best-selling food, gourmet’s; abroad, the major electronics market, toy market is filled with Chinese-made goods, so that foreigners can feel China’s technology and quality. Of course, like central train more than the strong demand for foreign goods, it also stems from a purchase of goods more inexpensive, quick and easy. After calculation, the land transport of goods from the central train one-third less time than by sea, air transport savings of about one-second prices. Not difficult to find air freight is expensive, waterway transportation is long, comparatively speaking, safe, cheap, efficient rail transport more budget-minded entrepreneurs. But for ordinary people, in order to purchase affordable, intuitive way to “foreign stuff” is also a kind of feels convenient and simple to do. It is easy to see, train is based on the steady strength of Central Europe occupies a place for people at home and abroad.

According to railway sector related head said, for full release new Silk Road economic with logistics channel of potential, railway sector will in close to market of principles, strengthening central class column of run organization, ensure by figure punctuality run, efforts upgrade central class column run quality, optimization perfect central class column customer service center work process and system approach, for customer provides good of information query, and information custom and the push sent, and complaints recommends accepted, service.

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