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Along The Way Beyond Geopolitics

By April 22, 2022No Comments

In the eyes of traditional geopolitical periphery, is now connecting hubs in Europe and Asia, interconnection hub, which reflect the era of peace and development in the 21st century demands. Serbia is becoming a central node, land-sea express line “16+1” cooperative leader in non-EU Member States; Poland first in the Eastern European countries joined the Asian Investment Bank; Uzbekistan is moving from traditional land-locked, node-Central Asia-China Economic Corridor … … Initiatives for China “along the way” construction, these countries are actively involved.

Is entering the world of all things Internet era, interoperability becomes an important connotation of national competitiveness, development strategies and docking is an important way to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Poland in “along the way” as found in links and Eurasian interconnection node location, therefore active participation, in order to enhance its influence in International Affairs, especially in Europe. “Along the way” for Poland to solve their own development between East and West and imbalance of opportunities. Serbia actively promote Balkan River scheme, to Hungarian railway extended South with Greece’s Piraeus dock, build a central land-sea Express. Uzbekistan with SCO’s interconnection plan geographic disadvantage itself becomes the new Eurasian location advantages of the interconnection plan.

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